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ROAD OPEN. OVERNIGHT CLOSURES ARE DONE. There may be regular traffic holds up to 20 minutes as the 2016 construction season comes to a close. For a complete schedule, visit Trip Planning.

Click image below for current ODOT road information, then zoom in to U.S. 20 on the map.

US 20 Dudlee Hill Webcam

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Creating a Safe, Smooth and Scenic Connection

We’ve moved mountains to make your journey safer and shorter.

The Oregon Department of Transportation thanks you for your patience, your understanding, and your planning to allow us to complete and open the new alignment of the US 20 Pioneer Mountain to Eddyville Project.

The road is open and overnight closures are done! There may be regular traffic holds up to 20 minutes as the 2016 construction season comes to a close. Next year, there will be some single lane closures and short delays to finish the last half mile of the project at the west end curve tie-in, but no overnight closures are planned. For a complete schedule, see Trip Planning. To review frequently asked questions, click here.

If you haven’t had a chance to experience the U.S. 20 Pioneer Mountain to Eddyville Project, view it from the air:

PME Aerial Tour


U.S. 20 roadway a playground for the day


Over 800 people braved the rain and wind to explore the new U.S. 20 alignment between Toledo and Eddyville on October 1, using their feet, bicycles, strollers, and wheelchairs to travel the Pioneer Mountain-Eddyville Project roadway before it opened to vehicles.

Have event photos to share? Please send to info@us20pme.com

If you missed the October 1, 2016 Play on the Grade Event, click here.

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To learn about the project’s history, listen to this radio interview (Note: contains out-dated closure information). See Why? for more project background.

Planning to take a bus or share a ride? See Transportation Options for schedules.


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